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County Councils for Young Children


New Jersey has established in all 21 counties - County Councils for Young Children (CCYC) to strengthen collaboration between parents, families, and local community stakeholders with health, early care and education, family support, and other service providers. This shared leadership philosophy includes parents as active partners with service providers and community leaders helping to identify the needs, aspirations and successes of our collective efforts to positively impact the health, education and well-being of children from pregnancy/birth to age 8.

Funding was made available to establish a statewide network of local County Councils for Young Children (CCYC) by the Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge grant.

Community Coordinated Child Care was awarded “County Council for Young Children” in October 2014.


Union County Council for Young Children (UCCYC)



The purpose of the UCCYC is to create an environment where parents/families can come together at the local level with providers and other county community members as active and equal partners to identify/ discuss the needs, concerns, aspirations and successes regarding issues that affect the health, education and well-being of their children. 

  • Learn about and provide input in the development of community services from pregnancy, birth and early childhood to school entry to 3rd grade.
  • Ensure that the state and local policies and practices recognize the strengths as well as meet the needs of the families in Union county.
  • Ensure that the children in Union County are ready to enter school and be successful learners throughout their education.
  • Encourage parents and other community members and interested people to promote Grow NJ Kids, the most current rating scale for early childhood programs.


  • The goal for the Union County Council for Young Children (UCCYC) is to empower families to advocate for themselves and their children and to find ways to assist parents with additional services in the community.
  • Create an environment where parents can become independent seekers of their own solutions.
  • To have a council comprised of 51% of parents as active members and 49% of active community members.
  • To reach out to parents through: Surveys, mail, focus groups, meetings, events and social media.
  • Offer parents: Personal growth, support, trainings, workshops, incentives. (i.e.; gift cards, incentives)


UCCYC Progress to Date

  • Over 650 Protective Factors Surveys received (January- April 2015)
  • Focus Groups ( January- April 2015)
  • Disseminated results  ( on going)
  • Stakeholders’ Café  (March 2015) (below)


  • UCCYC Facebook Page created April 2015(below)

Union County Council for Young Children

http://ts3.mm.bing.net/th?id=JN.aQC26LCuCQCKQ63oNBEM%2fw&w=78&h=78&c=7&pid=1.1UCCYC Logo (3) 

  • Parents Café (May,2015) (below)
  • Stakeholders and Parent Council Meeting (June, 2015)


  • Children’s Café  (June, 2015)


Children’s responses to the question “what would you like to do with your parents/ caregivers?” See the list below

  S:\My Documents\CCYC 2014-2015\IMG_3796.JPG

However some of the children mentioned “mommy sometimes doesn’t have the money”


At the end of the Children’s Café all children received a gift from stakeholders who attended the Council Meeting.

  • First Subcommittee Meeting (July,2015)S:\My Documents\CCYC 2014-2015\Parent Cafe II May 20.JPG

Kids are also part of the Subcommittee (July, 2015)


  • Community Outreach (ongoing)






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